Vincent Bauhaus

Evangelist Vincent Bauhaus

Vincent Bauhaus is a Jewish-Christian evangelist [ten Bouwhuis, is the original Dutch spelling, however very hard to pronounce] he is a husband and a father of four and the founder of this ministry. A Dutchman with a Jewish ancestry on his mother’s side and Christian Dutch reformed ancestry on his father’s side. An ordained minister honored with a theological doctorate and called of God in the five-fold ministry.
Born in the Netherlands where he was classically educated and learned three languages; English, German, Dutch and graduated from the School of Economics. He then moved to Great Britain at around 21 years of age in the ’90s because of his career and love for England where he then became serious about his faith attending church to pursue closeness with the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • “The art of evangelism is making a connection between the world and the Kingdom of God” – Evangelist Vincent Bauhaus

Powerful encounter:

Evangelist Vincent Bauhaus was not Spirit-filled yet and this was to suddenly change, Vincent had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit and fully surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ following and during hearing the preaching of the cross and was completely overcome by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and the revelation of the cross, he was under the power of the Holy Spirit for hours, several months later when called audibly by God (explanation below), he began his ministry.

Raised reformed by his parents in Holland, educated at Christian schools and having a faith, this encounter irrefutably confirmed the call on his life. Vincent subsequently became a fervent student of the Bible and apart from that, alongside his furniture work, he began to study the Bible ardently, took up theology at university and eventually give up his business to fulfill the Lord’s call on his life. Vincent founded this worldwide outreach ministry in 2005. Continuing his studies majored in Biblical theology.

The Lord Jesus Christ has given Vincent a powerful anointing to preach the Gospel with healing and deliverance following, but also to teach ministry encouraging and edifying the Body of Christ. With a God-given burden to reach the world with the Gospel of the kingdom of God, he has conducted and longingly organises many outdoor gospel campaigns in Africa and India including in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


Evangelist Vincent Bauhaus witnesses the healing power of God as many people during his Gospel outreach meetings. Vincent has verified healing testimonies including from Medical Doctors. In the crusades we witness the lame walk, the deaf hear, the sick recovered and the oppressed set free in Jesus name.

Vincent does not run a church he is a traveling evangelist operating worldwide, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world and as an evangelist is also called to be a blessing to the body of Christ through ministering and preaching in churches and conferences.

Called of God not by man:

Five months after the above mentioned full surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ and the receiving of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, the Lord called Vincent audibly by name three times during one week: “Vincent, build Me a ministry” Vincent obeyed when the Lord called the third time within that same week because the first two times, he was completely astonished at this encounter with the living God. Then he started following the Lord’s precise instructions.

A vision of heaven:

During preaching his very first sermon at a church conference Vincent was suddenly totally disconnected from the earth and in heaven in his own words: “I was in another place everything felt different yet Divine, I stood and saw an astonishing amount of rectangular banquet tables as far as the horizon beautifully covered with linen and tableware but no people all seats were empty and it was quiet, I then heard the voice of the Lord firmly speak: ‘Vincent, the tables are set for the marriage supper of the Lamb, preach the Gospel Vincent’ immediately after I was back in the church pulpit astounded and under the power of the Holy Spirit”.

About Evangelist Vincent Bauhaus

“The art of spiritual warfare is to have the audacity to acknowledge the evil and to take it head-on in Jesus name” – Evangelist Vincent Bauhaus 

Deliverance and spiritual warfare:

With a powerful fruit-bearing deliverance and restoration-healing ministry Evangelist Vincent Bauhaus has furthermore received an international reputation as an expert in spiritual warfare, deliverance ministry and soul-healing. i.E. restoration of the broken heart and dissociate identity disorders, having done thousands of hours of personal confidential intensive individual inner healing ministry and in-depth deliverance with a multitude of broken-hearted and oppressed people in the UK, Africa, Asia, USA and from all over the world. He has furthermore conducted thousands of personal deliverance ministry sessions one to one.

TV and Media:

Vincent has worked with the secular press/ newspapers and secular TV media and has always had an open-door-to-the-media-philosophy for them to understand Christian outreach and Deliverance Ministry and exorcism this has been widely reported and has helped many to understand.
Vincent has featured in 5 documentaries that were aired on television and streaming platforms worldwide. Through international outreach and crusades, millions of people have been saved, healed, restored and delivered, all to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Vincent is available for outdoor crusades or speaking engagements in churches and conferences worldwide, contact us or email: [email protected]




The ministry and office within the five-fold of an Evangelist is to outreach, biblically speaking ‘fishing for men’, reaching the non-believers with the good news Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. A shared passion for the lost and a zeal to win them for the Lord Jesus Christ through reaching out in God’s love the Gospel.
One of Evangelist Bauhaus favourite fellow Evangelists is similarly named and fellow Dutch born Corrie ten Boom author of the well-known book The Hiding Place and Tramp for the Lord.
As is fellow Dutch Evangelist Brother Andrew van der Bijl ‘God’s smuggler’ known for smuggling Bibles into communist countries at the height of the Cold War, founder of Open Doors and author of the inspiring book God’s Smuggler.
Cfan founder man of God Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke with his beautiful clarity sweeping the whole of Africa with the Gospel preaching, he wrote the amazing book Evangelism by Fire. And
Filmmaker Evangelist Ray Comfort

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