Partners to the ministry are imperative because the great commission in reaching the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Kingdom of God is truly great and it must be fulfilled together.

For Partner to Ministry I have these special partner series – very powerful teachings full of revelation:

Also check the BLOG page with Evangelist’s weekly blogs, full of teaching and revelation. After a time of fasting and consecration the Lord said to me: ‘Vincent, these are the PARTNER SERIES, I’ll teach you and reveal to you revelation to empower your partners to the great levels of abundance and blessing’
Then the Lord said to me:  ‘worldwide evangelism is most important to me that is my priority, anyone who partners with you my anointed evangelist lines up with my priority, therefore I will give you revelation from the scriptures to greatly bless your partners in every area of their life and allow the anointing on your life to flow into theirs, empowering them for the exceeding abundant and beyond’

Partners to the Minstry The most recent episode is at the top scroll down for Episode 1. You will need your Partners Password, if you are a monthly partner just email [email protected] your full name and how you partner and requesting Partner Series Password. To view the videos, click HD to set High Definition and the button next to this for full screen view:

EPISODE 11 (Partner Series 1)

EPISODE 10 (Partner Series 1)

EPISODE 9 (Partner Series 1)

EPISODE 8 (Partner Series 1)

EPISODE 7 (Partner Series 1)

EPISODE 6 (Partner Series 1)

EPISODE 5 (Partner Series 1)

EPISODE 4 (Partner Series 1)

EPISODE 3 (Partner Series 1)

EPISODE 2 (Partner Series 1)

EPISODE 1 (Partner Series 1)

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