International Ministry Leadership Online Bible School Course

A complete advanced Bible college course WITH ordination!
The International online Ministry Leadership Bible School is the gold standard in ministry training. 

This online Bible school, the International Ministry Leadership Bible School will equip you fully in your call for the five-fold ministry.That is why it includes ordination upon graduation. So if you believe the call of God is on your life this is for you. Teaching sound doctrine, to root you firmly in the Word of God and clearly understand the doctrines of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This advanced online Bible school includes amongst other topics:
– much in-depth Bible teaching,
– understanding doctrine,
– theology throughout the centuries,
– church history and the reformation,
– world religions and their differences to the Christian faith
– leadership training,
– mentorship, stewardship
– pastoral care,
– evangelism, outreach, crusades
– prayer and intercession
– how to use discernment,
– the prophetic ministry
– the teaching ministry
– the apostolic ministry
– how to preach and prepare sermons and Bible studies,
– how to preach the various styles: expository preaching, life application preaching, topical, concepts, evangelism preaching, pastoral preaching, and more,
– church or ministry structure
– finances and ministry
– church management
– and much more

Upon successful completion and ordination, you have credible ordination credentials to move as the Lord leads you. Remember the Word teaches in Him we move!
Acts 17:28 “For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.”
The book of Acts would not have been written unless they acted and time to act is now!

So this is a different course than the IOSOD which is about deliverance ministry. You can choose to do that separately.

In order to do all that we can to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in our calling and giftings, to win the lost, make disciples and see the Lord working with you, confirming the Word with authentic signs following, just as the Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to do (the Great Commission Mark chapter 16), it is of vital importance to understand the scriptures, Biblical doctrine, correct application, hence this course for all those who wish to minister.

Throughout the course are tests and a final exam at the end. Once all passed, Evangelist Vincent will have a telephone conversation or zoom call if it’s a small group to speak with you, pray for you and ordain you. Subsequently you will get your certificate.

Registration and Cost

I have build these courses to reach anyone anywhere that desire to work for the Lord to be able to do them and afford them that simple especially in the Third World nations. These courses are not to make money or profit, they are non-profit, we just need to cover the IT and admin costs.
Do not be put off by our very low prices.
I am an evangelist and the Lord has me equip as many as possible, the course is anointed and superb quality, the price will seem low in the West but it is not low in Third Word nations.
Some people that understand our non-profit no-nonsense approach as ordained by the Lord, support the ministry with extra donations to be able to give scholarship free-courses to those in the Third World nations that qualify but cannot afford the full amount. And all support also helps us to do our international outreach.

IMLBS:  12 monthly instalments of just $29 
To register, click here all cards accepted and bank details stated in order for transfers. If you are in an area where you can only do bank transfer or use crypto see and use the donation page and email us explaining which transfer you have made.

Duration: Each level can be completed at your own pace, so usually 12 months, however for those that can devote more time it can be completed within 6 months.

On receipt of your payment you will receive the log in, access and passwords to start, usually within minutes.

For the 3rd world ministers and aspiring ministers who cannot afford the low cost of $29 per month, please email us applying for a scholarship with a detailed explanation and proof of identity. Scholarship places are very limited so try to be accurate in your email. Contact us.

Since the launch of the IMLBS International online Leadership Bible School, many brothers and sisters and also many Pastors from all over the world including USA, Africa, India, the Caribbean islands have enrolled and have been thoroughly impressed and blessed and are now moving powerfully in the ministry.