Online School of Deliverance Ministry Master Class Free

The free online school of deliverance is a professional Master Class to equip you to become fully trained and equipped in spiritual warfare, deliverance & inner-healing.

Online curse of deliverance ministry

This unique free online course of deliverance ministry equips you to victoriously minister deliverance and inner-healing to anyone and whilst gaining so much profound knowledge you will experience freedom, healing and peace

Why is it free? Because the Lord Jesus Christ told me to offer it free, he needs and wants you to be equipped and join God’s army, this is vital for every believer, especially if you are a minister or aspiring minister. The Lord said these are the end times and nothing shall hold you back from getting equipped. So no excuses, your mandate for spiritual warfare is Luke 10:19. Learn from one of the best, with nearly 20 years of worldwide experience and for free, of course donations to my non-profit ministry organization are welcome.

The course offers an astonishing 30 lessons of approximately an hour spread over 6 modules each with a multiple choice test at the end after passing the last test you receive your graduation certificate and you will be able to very successfully and Biblically minister deliverance and inner-healing.

Evangelist and Pastor Vincent Bauhaus (ten Bouwhuis) a Jewish-Christian is used internationally by the Lord Jesus Christ as one of the foremost experts in deliverance ministry, spiritual warfare and inner-healing. Including restoration and healing of many psychological disorders like D.I.D. disociative identity disorder, MPD multiple personality disorder, Borderline personality, various schizophrenia disorders and has been referred to as the real deal by medical doctors and psychiatrists he worked alongside with.

He is a very gifted and anointed teacher who is passionate about training born again believers as the Lord Jesus Christ commanded him to do. To help others set the captives free and to heal the broken-hearted. Hence this unique free master class; the international online school of deliverance ministry.

This master class online course school of deliverance ministry is unique, totally free, proven and tested by many across the world. 

Besides his many open-air gospel outreach crusades around the world, where multitudes have repented and gave their lives to Jesus Christ and where many miracles have taken place. He has over 18 years conducted over 20,000 documented personal intensive ministry sessions with people from all over the world with a large variety of demon oppression, demon possession, witchcraft, water spirits – obanji, vexations, trauma, pain, satanic ritual abuse, multiple personality disorder (MPD / DID) dissociate identity disorder, illnesses, diseases and other problems. Evangelist Vincent has also spent considerable ministry time in East and West Africa and India conducting deliverance for people from the depth of witchcraft.


Every student has testified they were getting so much healing and deliverance, because of the anointed teaching.

Watch Kirsten’s powerful testimony below:

Rev. Vincent has obeyed the instruction of the Lord to teach in-depth in this unique online school of deliverance ministry. This took years to complete.
This is a most complete Bible based training in spiritual warfare, deliverance ministry, healing of the broken-hearted and identity disorder restoration.
Rev. Vincent Bauhaus teaches from the Holy scriptures and the course includes a lot of in-depth Bible teaching to root the student firmly in the Word of God. In-depth teaching about inner-healing & deliverance ministry and how to actually minister effectively to someone.

The IOSOD can be followed up by anyone who wants to carry on to a fully ordained minister with the IOLMT the international online leadership ministry training.
Click the image below to see another amazing video testimony from Anice from South Africa:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The whole of this course can be completed at your own pace from anywhere in the world. At your own ideal time on any device. In addition, all the course material can be downloaded in MP3 format for listening offline.

Graduation from the Online School of Deliverance Ministry

Online course of deliverance ministryAt the end of every module of the online school of deliverance ministry, is a test for you to complete to help you and encourage you to see if you have understood the lessons in the module so far. On successful completion of every test at the end of the module you can move on to the next module. On successful completion of the last module, module 6, your certificate will be issued. 


Getting started

Duration:  Since the launch of the online course of deliverance ministry, many brothers and sisters and also many Pastors from the UK, USA, Africa, India, the Caribbean islands, and all over the world have enrolled. They have been thoroughly impressed and blessed and are now moving powerfully in the ministry of deliverance and restoration.

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The Lord requires commitment, so if you do enroll make sure you will complete the entire course, it’s free but it’s the Lord’s doing, if you enroll you promise not to quit and the Lord promised a mighty blessing.  

The online school of deliverance ministry is a online master class courseTO ENROLL:
You can try to self-enroll immediately via the ‘virtual classroom‘ page, but make sure to email me afterwards that you enrolled answering the questions above, I’ll reply with a personal welcome.

I’ll respond normally within 24 hours on weekdays with your log-in username and password for you to start.

Shalom and all glory to Yeshua the Lord our Messiah.

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