Exorcism in the media and press


By Media Advisor Evangelist Vincent (Bauhaus) ten Bouwhuis.

Exorcism in the media. Evangelist Vincent (Bauhaus) ten Bouwhuis has featured in several TV documentaries and newspapers in the United Kingdom and the United states of America on the topics of Evangelism and Exorcism, due to being a bold spokesman with great expertise and experience combined with the ability to explain things with clarity and to bring understanding to a wide audience.

As a straight forward person with a clear personality he has become a respected adviser to the secular press and media on topics of Christianity, evangelism, the supernatural, deliverance ministry, identity disorders, and exorcism.

Evangelist Vincent featured in several TV programs and documentaries; on Shudder USA and Channel 4 one of the largest TV stations in the United Kingdom, he has also participated in documentaries that have been aired on CBS and other USA channels and British BBC.

Exorcism in the media and the press
Evangelist Vincent and exorcism in the British press

In the British press Evangelist Vincent has been featured in full page articles by Britain’s largest broadsheet newspaper the Daily Mail and the biggest Sunday tabloid newspaper the Sunday Mirror.

Evangelist Vincent has been open to the media to see and report as his motto is to have open walls towards the world, in the New Testament book of Acts the power of the Lord Jesus Christ was displayed openly, publicly and outdoor for all to see.

Press and media enquiries can be sent to: [email protected]

Exorcism in the media, has been drawing the attention of multitudes in the world

Exorcism in the media
Evangelist Vincent preaching on Channel 4 Documentary

Particularly in the movie world, so no wonder the mainstream media went to search for and document real exorcists performing real exorcisms. It’s actually a vital part of the great commission as you read in the Gospel of Mark chapter 16 verse 17 “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils;”
This 2000 year old commission of the Lord Jesus Christ to His followers is now being read about and seen in action in the press and in documentaries and rightfully so.
Demons which are evil spirts and devils must be cast out in Jesus name. God promises first salvation then deliverance from oppression.
The most famous movie made on this topic was of course ‘The Exorcist’ a horror movie that unfortunately brought very scary annotations to exorcism because it portrayed unrealistic scenes.

Above photograph is during Channel 4’s recording of Evangelist Vincent’s preaching ‘The Unchangeable God Can Change You’ as part of the documentary.


Open door policy to the media

Exorcism in the media and in documentaries with Rev. Vincent Bauhaus
Evangelist Vincent being filmed in Los Angeles for a documentary

Revd Vincent Bauhaus – ten Bouwhuis, has had from the very beginning of his ministry in 2005 an open doors policy towards the press and the media.
He firmly believes that nothing as far as Christianity and the Christian Faith is concerned should be hidden or behind closed doors, yes even if it comes to the area of exorcism.

Exorcism of course quite a loaded subject so the more reason to have it openly filmed and witnessed by the media and the press.
Most of what we read in the New Testament of the Bible was done outside for all to see and hear.

Although the International Evangelist uses the synonym and more widely Christian adopted term of Deliverance Ministry, Exorcism is the term everybody understands. Exorcism is undoubtedly an interesting topic even for non-Christians and non-Catholics and being open and honest about it gives people an opportunity to read and see the power of God as written about in the Holy Bible.

Rev. Vincent says whenever a radio station, tv station, documentary maker or newspaper calls him as longs as he can fit it in his schedule he will cooperate gladly.
This attitude has made him a person the media and press has said to be very happy to work with.

Of course this also brings about criticism to which he said ‘criticism does not need to be negative if you are honest and open about what you do for the Lord’.

Cursed films documentary Series 1 Episode 1 The Exorcist featuring Evangelist Vincent Bauhaus performing several exorcisms in this documentary. The documentary by Jay Cheel, filmed in Los Angeles has been televised throughout the world and is still available on Shudder and Amazon. 

Daily Mail a large British newspaper reporting on deliverance and exorcism

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