Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events Vincent Bauhaus Ministries 2024:

Open air Gospel upcoming AFRICA crusades: ZAMBIA, NAMIBIA, INDIA, NIGERIA and TANZANIA

Upcoming broadcasts, conferences and 1-1 in person ministry sessions:
* Online deliverance seminars every 2nd Thursday details see newsletter
* Online broadcast/podcast ‘Bauhaus Report’ every day details see podcast and FaceBook page and newsletter
* Online 1-to-1 deliverance sessions via video call every weekday
* In-person 1-to-1 deliverance encounters on-request, Evangelist Vincent Bauhaus travels throughout US and worldwide on request
* See below the dates and locations for the free conferences and for the in-person 1-to-1 sessions.
All 1-1 sessions can be booked online see the 1-1 page or click the blue pop-up ‘book 1:1 with‘ button at the bottom of the screen:

1-1 sessions daytime Sunday February 18th to book click
Queens near LGA
1-1 sessions daytime Feb. 17th (Sat) to book click
Free Conference on February 16th at 7 pm (Fri)
Deer Lake Drive West, Jacksonville, FL 32246
Registration is free but required click here for address and to reserve your free seat
1-1 sessions daytime Wednesday February 28th
1-1 sessions daytime Thursday March 7th
to book click

1-1 sessions daytime March 19th (Tue) to book click
Free Conference evening 7 pm
1-1 sessions daytime March 21st (Thu) to book click
Free Conference evening 7 pm
1-1 sessions daytime March 23rd and 24th (Sat & Sun) to book click
Free Conference evening 7 pm
Antwerpen Belgium details available soon
Apeldoorn the Netherlands details available soon 

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To invite Evangelist Vincent Bauhaus to speak at your church or conference or do an open air crusade contact us. Let’s have revival in Jesus name.

Thousands of testimonies from crusades of healing, deliverance, miracles and millions of Salvations worldwide:

The anointing breaks the yoke of sickness, oppression and bondage.

Evangelist Vincent ten Bauhaus is a powerfully anointed man of God, the Lord confirms his ministry with salvations (the greatest miracle of course), miracles, healing and deliverance.
This servant of the Lord Vincent ten Bauhaus ministers with great authority and is gifted to preach the Word of God in demonstration of God’s power. Come and witness the miracle power of God. Do something important for the Lord and bring at least one unsaved loved one, a friend, family member or colleague, so that they can hear the Gospel preached with power and anointing through Evangelist Vincent, who sees thousands saved at his outdoor Gospel outreach campaigns worldwide. Thousands have testified of healing, deliverance, the fruit of the womb, etc, check out our dedicated testimonies page as well.
Upcoming events Vincent Bauhaus Ministries.

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upcoming events Vincent Bauhaus Ministries

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