Testimonies of Deliverance Ministry, Healing and MPD restoration

“Besides the greatest miracle of all, the miracle of Salvation, the free gift of eternal life, so many have testified of restoration, healing and powerful deliverance miracles. And please read ‘how to make sure you make heaven!’ I give all the glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, multitudes have been healed from sicknesses, delivered from evil spirits and wholly restored to the person God always meant them to be.” – Evangelist Vincent. Evangelist Vincent has a powerful anointing for healing and deliverance ministry, the Lord uses Him powerfully to demonstrate the power of God, through signs of Healing, Deliverance and miracles. Below the people that are brave to share with photograph and or video their testimony to glorify the Lord, as you will see the women are the brave ones, but we pray the men will testify too, thank the Lord for their love for others by sharing their deliverance testimonies to encourage you.

My video testimony 3rd from above, I flew to Pastor Vincent from the Netherlands 3 months after he ministered deliverance and Dissociative Identity Disorder healing to me in Amsterdam to testify in London on camera. Because I know that testifying about Jesus Christ publicly seals the miracle and brings ongoing victory Rev 12:11 “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony” I sufered severe D.I.D. and had evil spirits that caused torment and destruction for 15 years, I had been severely abused as a very young child. In one powerful one-to-one session with Pastor Vincent, I was healed from D.I.D. restored and set free from the evil spirits that caused havoc in my life. Esther. Julie (UK) It was a pleasure meeting Pastor Vincent although the devil tried very hard to put me off seeing him in the days leading up to our meeting and I would say to anybody that he will try do this to most. The reason being, I am free really stepped on the devils toe’s after the day we spent together. Many curses were broken from many generations to mine and to my daughter and now I have much peace of mind that they are now all broken. I was enduring much torment from evil spirits due to curses from ancestors before me, many that I did not know even existed until I met Pastor Vincent, I had also passed them on to my daughter who had many tormenting dreams. I also had these dreams and other tormenting sleepless nights, constant demonic intimate molesting attacks and would need much medication before bed (about 8 different sleeping tablets!) so I did not feel all the torment. Pastor Vincent gave me the understanding and that after my deliverance, it meant my young daughter would not endure these things that I was going through especially as she gets older. Pastor Vincent knew more about what I was going through than what I was! I had voices that I never understood properly, but Pastor knew this as D.I.D, a personality disorder and not many people understand this, they think it is demonic but it can be helped and Pastor Vincent as an anointed vessel for the Lord Jesus can give you the healing of these voices. The Lord used Pastor Vincent to deliver me completely from all evil spirits and I received full healing from D.I.D.(MPD) I now do NOT need ANY sleeping pills, I have been sleeping sweet since my deliverance, I have also lost 10 pounds in weight, all spiritual molestation attacks have stopped and I have been able to eliminate all other medication, hallelujah, I am free and my daughter who was even, in another country during my deliverance session, has no more bad dreams! All the glory to Jesus who has been my Lord and Saviour for 8 years. If you accept Him in to your life He can change anything you are going through in to marvellous things, He has bought me through many difficult times, He got me off drugs and He has never let me down. He sends people like Pastor Vincent in to your life to bring the promised healing, deliverance and restoration by the Lord Jesus Christ, praise the Lord!

Eziefa (Lagos, Nigeria) issue of blood For about 9 years I have had a problem with my menstruation, majority of these years I did not menstruate at all, very occasionally I would menstruate for more then a month non-stop. My belly would swell, I went to hospital and many doctors, spending money but nothing helped. I was not able to conceive in my marriage which broke down. Pastor Vincent was visiting Lagos, Nigeria in September 2009 for conferences, I told him about my infirmity, at that time I had not seen my period for years and asked him to pray for me, when he prayed for me the Holy Spirit fall on me and I believed in agreement with the man of God that I was being healed. I called Pastor Vincent one week later that I had a normal menstruation of a few days, I then called him again a month later to testify that have had another normal menstruation within a normal cycle, praise be to Jesus. It has been 5 months now and I have had my periods normally and my belly is no longer swollen, hallelujah.

Margaret (Afghanistan) [Margaret could not come to see Pastor Vincent in London, and she was ministered to via Skype video call by Pastor Vincent.] Praise be the name of almighty God for his mercies endure forever. My name is Sis Margret and l work in Afghanistan for the peacekeeping force, I am a Kenyan, for a long time I have been seeking the face of God in prayer because everything has not been working all deferred prayers and prophecies by men of God. I didn’t know what to pray about and how to do it as all everything went wrong ,marital distress, rejection, stagnation and backwardness no matter what l do, l couldn’t think right my mind was just rowdy and forget easily, had fibroid which required operation and this resulted to chronic anaemia, on top of this I had demonic dreams and was being fed food and drink in my sleep and many more things. But somehow God remained merciful opened my eyes to deliverance and showed me the genesis of my problems which was Generational curses and witchcraft foundation from ancestors and family. From January l learnt about deliverance and started practicing it, which sustained me until now, early last week l arose in holy anger and told God enough is enough lam tired of this situations l now want your miracle figure to touch and deliver me. Two days after that was browsing then bumped into Pastor Vincent Ministry, read the testimonies prayed asking God to show me if it is His leading. After God confirmed through his word, l e-mailed Pastor Vincent who responded very quickly, l called him we talked over the phone and we arranged for Skype Video Call as it would be very difficult for me to come from Afghanistan to London. The Holy spirit lead Pastor Vincent into ministering to me and pray and the whole process of deliverance, it is so amazing how smooth it went, deep soul broken-hearted healing took place, after that the demons manifested and with authority Pastor Vincent commanded them to leave, l was surprised that deliverance could equally succeed so well through Skype video call. I want to praise the name of the Lord that l am now delivered, my body feels very light and strong now, l feel very much at peace and even my countenance has changed, my heart is continually singing unto the Lord, Hallelujah… All l know is my life will never be the same again and God is restoring back to me everything in Jesus Name. Sir may the God of Israel continue using you in setting his people free to the glory of His name, Amen!!!

VIA SKYPE VIDEO CALL ? Many people have been succesfully ministered to via Skype by Pastor Vincent and have testified of powerful inner healing restoration and deliverance from evil spirits, it is the powerful anointing that the Lord has placed on Pastor Vincent’s life that causes ministry through this distance media to be successful.

By Juliette, with God ALL things are possible, the anointing on Pastor Vincent’s has changed my life from dark to light, from fear to love, from destruction to abundant life in Christ Jesus, thank you Lord for anointing your servant Pastor Vincent to heal and deliver me completely!

WITH LOVE FROM FROM JAPAN: I have been all over the world for deliverance, even Nigeria, but yesterday after 10 years of not being free I travelled 30 hours from Japan to London to meet Pastor Vincent for 1-1 deliverance ministry session. The Lord Jesus Christ told me, after crying out to Him in a very long fast: “Pastor Vincent will minister in My name and anointing and will heal you and set you free.” I must testify after 10 years and nearly giving up, meeting Pastor Vincent during a 3 hour battle, Pastor Vincent is being used mightily of You Lord Jesus and he was so determined to cast every spirit out and heal in Your Holy name. I am free and totally restored!!! This is the book of ACTS!!! I will stand by Your servant’s worldwide evangelism and stay under his cover Lord to You be the Glory Lord.

Catherine travelled from overseas Hi Vincent , thanks so much for ministry last week . I’m so blessed and free .praise God ,the cloud has truly lifted and darkness torment  has totally cleared  .  I’ve been feeling great joy bubble up and find myself each day getting stronger and transitioning into a better way of life with head up and of  now being unrestricted and released  . I now have the clarity of its my own free will in choices , moderate life rather  than been bound and compulsive .praise God a miracle been able to see again and not feel so dead and useless . I have been going threw the videos on line and going to sign up for school partnership now that I can move forward . Bless you and thanks so much , Love and Blessings ,  Catherine May 5th 2016 by email.

Racquel (UK – Jamaican descendent) I have been struggling for so long with so many problems and spiritual oppression and had been to many deliverance churches, deliverance conferences and nothing ever changed or manifested, until the Lord had lead me to Pastor Vincent through his ministry website, I subsequently called him and made an appointment for him to see me. To the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, I must testify that the anointing on Pastor Vincent is very powerful, he took time to get to the root of every issue concerning my individual life and problems, every curse, every ceremony done and after several hours I was totally set free, all rights of Satan to my life had been cancelled and all spirits that had for years tormented my life he casted them out. Thank you Pastor Vincent for your obedience to the Lord in your gift and calling and I pray the Lord will continue to mightily use you.

Anna (UK) For all of my life I have always been a very troubled, mixed up person. Troubled at school, jobs, relationships, you name it, I had trouble with it! I turned to drugs, drank a lot, had terrible self hatred and always felt very empty and confused about life and what purpose I had here. I had a bad childhood where I grew up very troubled and felt so unloved by my family. I was suicidal too many times to mention…. and tried about 5 times to kill myself, I saw very dark places indeed… I didn’t think anyone really cared about me. I saw many counsellors, psychiatrists and none of it really helped long term… Since I came into contact with Vincent ten Bouwhuis Ministries, through watching a program on TV where Pastor Vincent was helping many people with soul wounds, traumas and spiritual problems. I contacted Pastor Vincent in the UK and from the moment I met him my life has turned around dramatically. I was fortunate to have an individual inner healing and deliverance session and I have to say that it is amazing, to let go of all the hurt and cast out past feelings of worthlessness and past pain and finally realising that the answers to life are actually out there! There are so many answers in the Bible, its been right there all along and now I know… I grew up thinking that the Bible and religion was just not going to be part of my life, it just wasn’t for me. I went to Church as a child now and then but none of it made sense to me… When you’re ready it will make perfect sense and you will want to let it in to your life and you will realise that God and Jesus Christ will never turn their backs on you. To realise this gives you strength and hope. I was overwhelmed by the fact that people, strangers really, wanted to help me make my life better. They had the love of Jesus Christ within them and are allowing Jesus Christ to work through them. They took time out of their day to help me and really, truly listen to your feelings and problems. Who does this these days? Very few… I cannot stress enough that if you just give it a go, you won’t regret it. If you are like how I was, empty and alone and afraid, you will never look back after visiting this ministry. I am so grateful to the introduction I have had to God and Christianity, it was obviously meant to be for me, I needed help and asked for it and I got it! Thank you Lord Jesus. I left Vincent Ministries on Sunday morning and felt like a new person, it sounds cliche I know but I really looked at the beauty of the world and started thinking about my future in a new, in an amazing light, the light of the world Jesus Christ, who brings light to all the darkness if you only let Him, for He will never force His way. It’s a great feeling!!!

Jade (UK) Hi I am Jade from UK, but for 26 years I was also Emily, Cece, Kelly, Jon, Peter and thirteen others. They are souls born of God given to a child in the mind as gifts of protection and comfort in times of trauma and Jade, I am ONE again abuse. A child can store away emotional pain into these personalities and lead a normal life, with their sanity intact. But as the child reaches adulthood they hinder emotional and spiritual growth. They are individually distinct, each with their own names ,ages, opinions and mannerisms, and so I was living with many voices in my head who talked back and shared time with me. When they are active I would be overwhelmed with their thoughts and emotions and there were daily internal wars. I thought these voices were me or the enemy, but the enemy can never read your thoughts or he would be omniscience. The Lord in time revealed that I had MPD/DID and amazingly led me to get in touch with Pastor Vincent and Minister Gillian who ministered to me and loved me back to wholeness, glory be to God. I am now 1 again, it’s a miracle after the restoration ministry all evil spirits were cast out also. If you have a broken heart you don’t have to cry alone at night, God hears you, loves you and He is waiting and anxious to heal you like He has done for me. There is always hope and healing in Jesus.

Haylee (UK) A year ago you may remember me, my friend Grace bought me to see you for prayer. Before I met you I had given my life away to god but I didn’t really believe as much as I should of. In other words I still had doubt about God and was not acting like gods child should act. To be honest I didn’t have high expectation and didn’t know what Grace was doing I though It was going to be a regular prayer session. Bear in mind I had suffered with severe anorexia and eating disorders in the past and had low self esteem and could never seem to meet the right guy. I was unhappy. Moving on… from the outside I looked happy I had recovered from anorexia and I had given my life to Christ, but on the inside I was screaming as I do recall. I met Pastor Vincent in Kent on a summer’s day, he came across as a lovely humble man of god, he picked us up from the station and drove us to nearby prayer centre. Pastor Vincent prayed for me and at first I didn’t feel any thing, just as I was thinking ‘ oh thanks Grace ‘ I felt a battle going on inside of me, it was like walls were being torn down. Until I started to cry hysterically and then laughter! it was a very strange sensation having no control over my emotions, then finally I felt my heart go numb, like ice, but filled with peace… hard to recall but unexplainable. I was amazed to say the least I had felt God. I left that day, feeling refreshed and renewed and very grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ and His servant Pastor Vincent. I now have a completely different attitude towards God and am now so strong in my faith. I feel the Lord has blessed me so much and I am forever grateful for this. Dear Pastor Vincent may god bless you for your kindness and amazing work. You already have helped so many others and delivered them from the devil. So this testimony is also a note to show my appreciation and to say a big thank you for helping me and caring. Me and Grace will pray for you and your ministry and family. And to all those other readers…. I promise you, Jesus Christ is the only way…

David (Scotland)

I went to see Revd. Vincent last year, as a diagnosed schizophrenic, I can testify to the Glory of the risen Lord Jesus Christ that with God all things are possible. Revd. Vincent ministered to me last year when I went to visit his centre for a few days, I went by coach for a 12 hour journey and I had booked myself in a hotel for several days, so that I could receive ministry and Godly wisdom and advice from this servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. My main problem was that I was hearing voices, probably due to my past where I was a drug abuser. After receiving ministry in Jesus name and understanding of who I am in Christ, the voices reduced to next to nothing, a year later the voices are practically gone. I came back to see Revd Vincent this year to thank him and testify of the Lord’s miracle in my life. Before my visit last year I was desperate, close to suicide, the voices were driving me off the edge, but now I am living a normal life and I have got very close to the Lord Jesus Christ my Saviour. I am happy and love the Lord Jesus.

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This 26 year old lady’s testimony is incredible encouraging, having suffered a childhood full of fear, rejection, lack of parental love, the devil got hold of her and lead her into his destructive path. This lead to many fornication with men and women, confusion, depression, very many tattoos and piercings,  a kind of rock star wild phase, and ultimately s&m. But by God’s Grace she called on the Lord Jesus Christ, repented and the Lord has completely restored her, she testifies that her lifestyle and outward appearing has unrecognisably changed, with a deep peace in her soul, she praises the Lord of Lords Jesus Christ for amazing grace.

Jo got completely restored of DID having been medically diagnosed as very severe DID /MPD with hundreds of alter dissociative identities, she got totally restored and got deliverance as well during the intensive ministry session with Pastor Vincent. An amazing miracle took place as full restoration took place in just hours, astonishing but with God all things are possible. Jo’s life has been so traumatic with many sad tragedies, she clings to the Lord an incredible closeness she has with the Lord, as she explained this developed as He was all she had, after everybody had abandoned her. And now she is restored, praise the Lord.

Gloria: I feel like new

Ula used to wake up with JD and a joint, addicted to drugs, alcohol but instantly set free, restored. Praise Jesus the Lord.

THE POWER OF A CURSE IS DRAMATICALLY PORTRAYED IN THE STORY OF Mauritius born Paul, people often wonder why so many people cannot seem to get married and are still single, because relationships are just not happening or when they do they are always cut short. Paul 47 and still single flew in to meet me for personal inner-healing and deliverance ministry, as soon as I open up in prayer Paul begins to manifest evil spirits, as he calmed down I began to ask questions, the depth and length of the curse begins to be revealed; Twice he was even set to get married with date set, but both times before the wedding day, he dreamt that he was having intercourse with his sister and the next day the relationship is finished totally finished wedding cancelled, as we begin now to look at the impact on the family, his dear mother had 9 late-stage miscarriages! and his elder brother never got married either and has no children either, his 2nd elder brother divorced soon after marriage and has no children either and is single, his 3rd younger brother is single and has no children, only his one sister is married. The curse is evidently upon all the males in his generation, to keep them single and childless! As I begin to minister it now becomes clear that his great grandfather is the root of this problem, his 5th generation great grandfather from India was about to get married, but decided not to go ahead with the marriage shortly before the wedding, because of class difference an Indian cultural phenomena, which upset his fiancee that much, that she retaliated by cursing him that he would never marry! and she enforced that curse through witchcraft rituals in India. Subsequently as an effect of the curse this great grandfather under the deception of an evil spirit changed his original surname to that what the spirit gave him, now the curse was also on the surname! But in order to get Paul set free I heard from the Holy Spirit that the witchcraft done by the girl was a covenant to give the great grandfather in a spiritual marriage to the main evil principality in India, Kali, the Holy Spirit showed me that all males from that generation onwards were seen by Kali as her possessions her husbands, so in a spiritual sense Paul was married to Kali, Paul confirmed this afterwards that he and his brother both sometimes dream of a woman with a necklace of human skulls and 4 arms. In fact when Paul was dreaming of having intimacy with his sister it was the evil principality Kali manifesting as his spiritual wife in the form of his sister. As soon as I addressed this under the leading of the Holy Spirit, Paul manifests violently as Kali was exposed and cast out in the name of Jesus Christ. The power of the curse lead to 5 generations of destruction, the upset fiancee intended to curse only the grandfather, who did get married in time later, but the covenant was remembered by Kali, who took ownership and destroyed many males even in the womb! Having travelled extensively in ministry and having ministered to people from all cultures and walks of life, including many medical doctors who have been for ministry, because curses are real causing death, loss and destruction. The good news is that just like with Paul, every curse can be broken in the name that is above every name, the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and just like Paul you can be set free from the evil spirits, Paul had a range of big problems due to the oppression of the evil spirits, medically unexplainable pain and swellings, financial struggles, and more but now he is restored and can successfully claim the promises and blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ, hallelujah. Check out our article on how to break a curse for more info.

Esther: For years she felt suicidal and unhappy. She testifies of how she was also set free from many evil spirits that had entered through this rejection, but also through generational curses*, heavy metal music, anime Japanese cartoons, horror films, cannabis addiction and Wicca. Esther: “I even had several heavy metal music demons manifest and cast out” The Lord Jesus Christ has healed and restored Esther from rejection, self-hate, self-harming and Dissociative Identity Disorder. * See our page hear for more information on types of curses.

Bernie (UK) 2007: I praise God for this time to thank the Lord Jesus for Pastor Vincent. I have been a Born Again Christian for 25 years but never knew what God was about to reveal to my family and myself through the power of prayer deliverance ministry and Inner healing.  Pastor Vincent came into my kids lives before total destruction and death and God’s hand is now on their lives. I cannot thank the Lord Jesus Christ enough for his miracles and power and I want to let people know that we are in the end times and God is working to save his people and we must be ready for his call on our lives. God is gathering his army together.  Be ready to be called. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. 2014: Pastor Vincent is still is a close friend of mine and my whole family 7 years on, he just conducted the funeral service of a brother close to me, he preached under a tremendous anointing, did an alter call and 25 people repented and surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ, hallelujah, thank you Lord Jesus Christ for this man of God.

Rose (UK) MEDICALLY VERIFIED HEALING MIRACLE I would like to give a wonderful testimony of the goodness of God:  Two weeks ago, I attended your miracle service in London.  I firmly believe that is exactly where my miracle happened. In December 2009, I had two appointments at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead for chest pains!  At the last appointment, the report stated that there was a high voltage coming from the left and right ventricles of my heart!  I was scheduled to attend again two weeks ago, for an ultrasound and some investigations.  When I attended the ministration, I took the letters regarding the appointment with me, and, prayed that there would be a miracle and believed, as well, (a corresponding action)! To God Almighty be the glory –  on the day of the ultrasound, the Technician went over and over, and, just kept repeating that everything was normal – there was nothing like the previously reported “high voltage”  My Jehovah Rophe had healed me completely and permanently!!!  Praise God!!! I would like to thank you for your prayers on that day, and, for allowing God to use you as a conduit!!! I pray that this testimony would be an encouragement to others who are expecting a miracle.  He is the same God yesterday, today and forever! I will bring a “thank you” offering at the end of the month, in appreciation of the goodness of God. Thank you, once more, Evangelist Vincent, and, may God bless you mightily, and, increase you and your Ministry, on every side, in Jesus’ mighty name.  Amen!!!

Everline (Kenya) I have been insane for 2 1/2 years, but last September Pastor Vincent was in our region of South West Kenya for gospel outreach meetings and a pastors conference, by the grace of God I can now testify that after Pastor Vincent prayed for my total restoration, I have fully recovered. I’m now able to live a normal life again. I give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jacky (Kenya) I have been very ill for a long time and have not been able to afford to go to a doctor, I had no strength left in my body, at the outreach meetings of Pastor Vincent, he prayed for me and ministered inner healing to me, I testify to the glory of the Father in the name of Jesus Christ that I have now been totally healed. Kwamboka (Kenya) I attended one of the outreach meetings of Pastor Vincent in Kenya, when I came up for prayer for my leg that had caused me much pain for a long time, Pastor Vincent was lead to ask me before he prayed, whether I had un-forgiveness, and I had, at first I did not want to forgive, Pastor Vincent ministered to me for a while and I was able to really forgive this person who had hurt me, I repented of un-forgiveness, then Pastor Vincent prayed for my healing and praise the Lord Jesus Christ soon after I received my complete healing and understand forgiveness more then ever.

Pastor Daniel (Kenya) I testify to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ that all people Pastor Vincent prayed for at the outreach meetings and conferences were healed, we have witnessed an awesome move of the power of God and are on fire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in our area like never before. Watch the Amazing Testimony of David (Sierra Leone) to be added asap 

David, a former Sierra Leone child soldier, who saw his own parents both brutally killed before his eyes at the age of 10, was captured by the rebels, trained as soldier, but he has become born again, when he got rescued by American  soldiers, he now serves the Lord Jesus Christ as assistant Pastor. Very important is that David (20 years old in this video) got to a place in Christ Jesus, where he was able to forgive the men who killed his parents.

Robert (UK) A number of years ago I was living in sin, drugs, clubbing and so on. I never went to church or read the Bible and was not sure if there was a God. I had no thought for God or my soul. One morning I had just finished working and laid down on the bed. As I lay there I had a visitation from the Lord Jesus Christ. The power of God came upon me and convicted me of sin. The Lord revealed to me that the Bible is true and that it is the word of God. As the Spirit of the Lord brought conviction to my heart I began to cry. I heard a voice say to me, “Do you believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?” I replied: “Yes!”. Following this incident, I repented and experienced both forgiveness of sins and peace in my heart. {Prior to this I never truly had peace and joy.} Shortly after my visitation, outlined above, I fell from the window of my flat, the 7th floor of a 16 floor apartment complex. As I was falling rapidly towards the ground, I called out JESUS. I then heard a voice reply: “You are saved”. I believe that God delivered me that day, because I could have fallen onto a concrete border and at the best the impact from the 7th floor would have paralysed me forever or would resulted in my death. I did not land on the concrete but on the grass verge, several feet distant from the building. A newspaper account of the incident commented: “The man left a seven inch indentation in the grass!”. But I am unharmed, healthy and well. Today I preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, because God’s grace has been shed into my heart. I also work as a nurse and see people come into the hospital alive but sadly leave dead. I am sharing this testimony to remind you that life is like a vapour. The Bible says: “Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away”. (James 4:14) Therefore I urge you to repent and surrender your life to Jesus Christ, see how on the page: ‘How do I receive Jesus Christ, get saved and born again’

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