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Below are many sermons and teachings and for my daily broadcasts you can follow them on My YouTube channel or FaceBook page or my Podcast: search term on any podcast app: Vincent Bauhaus, whichever you prefer. Directly below you find our embedded Podcast player it shows the most recent podcasts, and you can download that app as well, scroll down further to see a good selection of all videos of sermons and teachings.

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All Daily video Broadcasts/ Podcasts of ‘BAUHAUS REPORT’ are also placed on our Youtube channel if you prefer youtube, but scroll down for more sermons/ teachings and the youtube channel link.

Below a preview of my In-depth Revelatory Bible Study series (11 episodes) on my YouTube channel (which has over 80 sermons in total):

Sermons by Evangelist Vincent Bauhaus:

The Holy Ghost
Why, When, Immersion in God, Tongues, Gifts, and the Results

Backside of the Dessert
How to Hear From God!

You are an Ambassador for Jesus Christ
A Powerful Position!

Justification by Faith Alone
How Do You Know if You Are Saved?

What Shall I Say
What to Say in Difficult Situations

The testimony

A necessary revelation

The flow of God
how to get positioned for blessing

The Eleventh Hour
many are called few are chosen

how to defend the creation account of Genesis


The Gospel of the Kingdom of God
African Crusade

Let Him Without Sin Cast the First Stone
African Crusade

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God
African Crusade

Let Him Without Sin Cast the First Stone
African Crusade

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Sermons by Evangelist Vincent Bauhaus

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