From human trafficking slave to freedom in Christ. Incredible testimony of deliverance ministry.

Testimony of deliverance ministry. The jaw dropping true story of Julie, they asked for her finger nails and her pubic hair, they said they needed that to help her visa application and flight to Germany, to go to live with her ‘boyfriend’.

This boyfriend with whom she had a short relationship in Nigeria where they both lived, went to Germany and he told her to go to some people in Benin to arrange for her visa and travel so that she could re-unite with him in Germany, only about 20 years old and excited by the opportunity offered she went and was made to believe that giving her nail-clippings and pubic hair clippings was merely some standard innocent native protection ritual, what she did not know was that her nails and pubic hair were subsequently sacrificed to Satan on an altar of hell by these witches which would turn Julie’s live into a living hell.

testimony of deliverance ministry(The reader must understand that these people bewitch their targets first, i.E. put them under a spell, hence they are so easily deceived into giving their nails and hairs, just like men who join a lodge are under a spell otherwise they would never take the oaths and say those things in those oaths, those that come out and come for deliverance ministry later on in life when they see the actual oath they confess wow I never knew…spells are real, witchcraft is real, and a real and present danger)

On arrival in Germany she was collected from the airport by a Nigerian couple, who she knew from back in Nigeria as they were friends of her ‘boyfriend’ they brought her to an apartment to stay said that her ‘boyfriend’ would come in several days, however just a few days later, she was picked up from her apartment by this same couple to go and meet some ‘friends’. Then came the biggest shock and trauma of her life as hell was about to be unleashed unto Julie, they drove for some time to arrive at a very small room in another part of Frankfurt in Germany, as she walked into this small room, the man from the couple pointing to a tall fat Nigerian woman and shouted “this is your Madam and this is where you will work to pay us back 70,000 Euros!” (app 100,000 US Dollars)

It is at that exact moment in time, where Julie’s world collapsed and gross darkness befall here, as she realised she was in a brothel and she knew Madam means female pimp and brothel owner, the small room with the bed, the red light, the strange smell, the Madam yelled at her “I bought you, you now owe me and will work to pay me back!” she realised she was now forced into sleeping with all of the men her Madam would send in, she had been made merchandise of, she was trafficked for prostitution. The couple had taken her passport earlier with an excuse to prepare some legal documents, she was now told she would not get in back until she had paid all the money they demanded. But they did not stop there, they made it very clear to her that they are watching her sister back in Africa and that if she as much as tries to escape they will kill her sister, and she was aware that these people do actually kill and not just threaten and she was aware of people that have died in the past. It was at that precise moment that Julie’s soul fractured, she split because of the horrendous trauma. She then continued to split because of the further traumas caused by the unwanted intimate encounters and depraved acts in this hell hole.

As I began to minister to Julie the now 35 year old mother of one child, this young fractured alter personality of around 20 years young, was still living the nightmare and under the leading of the Holy Spirit I ministered deep inner healing to all these wounded, traumatised alter personalities as part of her total deliverance. The tremendous amount of heart-cry bone chilling pain that was trapped in her soul and released brought tears to my eyes, as she wept, screamed and cried, tears flowing like rivers and was released of all the hurt and as all these fractured alter personalities were ministered to to bring restoration. Going deeper into the Holy Spirit ministering she had suffered sever rejection as a child as both parents had died when she was still very young, an other dissociated alter personality came up and manifested sever pain of the loss of daddy, he was her everything and was suddenly gone.It was definitely one of the most emotional sessions I have done, giving her a fatherly hug and ministering the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, breakthrough came, light began to overtake the darkness in her soul.Julie was suffering on the inside all these years later, furthermore she was vexed by evil spirits, who would torment her, sexual spirits who would molest her and a range of other issues, she was now married but had no desire for intimacy in her marriage and could not give her husband love.

But Julie travelled 7 hours by train to see me for 3 hours of personal inner healing and deliverance ministry session as she had found me on the internet, because she had been in church for a decade, been to many places for healing and deliverance, but never saw breakthrough. I knew the Lord would restore her, even as I prepared in prayer weeks before the appointment made. After all the deep inner-healing and ministering to the brokeness, the dissociate identity disorder D.I.D. (multiple personality disorder MPD) We then had to renounce all the witchcraft that was done to make her into the slave the evil human traffickers turned her into. Following that, judgement time for the devils had arrived, as I was then able to cast out the horrible evil spirits of witchcraft, Jezebel, incubus and others that had come in and tormented her ever since. Julie was set free and totally restored in Jesus name, she is still in close touch with the ministry, learning much and growing in Christ. Millions of girls are lured unaware into these depths of Satan, in Julie’s case as she prayed to the Lord, cried out unto Jesus for mercy, after 7 month in the hell hole a client a German gentleman who visited her for the intimacy services on offer , fall in love with her and took her out of the place, flew her straight to Africa for her to see her sister safe, he married her there and then, they want back to Germany to start a family, but Julie was dissociated, traumatised and could not give love anymore and she was still tied to evil witchcraft alters in Benin, because of the nails and pubic hair sacrificed to Satan, so the marriage brought forth her freedom and a wonderful son a blessing to them both, but the marriage ultimately broke down. But today Julie is fully restored, healed and delivered, happy and restored in her second marriage as the devil has no more rights to destroy her nor her marriage. Hallelujah.

I have spoken to Julie three times since, the deliverance ministry session was app 12 month ago from this post and she says she has never been better, she is happy and free, worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ.

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