Deliverance Ministry a stern warning

Writing to you as an international evangelist preaching and teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom Of God in the nations of the world, I tell you, salvation is what matters. Hence the title of this article; deliverance ministry a stern warning. For the evangelist the priority and main task ordained and commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ is to reach them that have not heard the Gospel and for the Pastors it is nurturing, teaching, edifying their congregations including the new believers as well as praying and watching over them. You’ll say what about deliverance and deliverance ministry? I’ll say not so fast; how is your faith?

You’ll be surprised how very many people have literally said to me: “I don’t care about heaven just get the spirit out of me”. So when I say “not so fast” I was very serious. How can anyone expect to be freed from an evil spirit when they don’t care about the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ? because they have no faith.
So that brings us back to the first statement, because people can be oppressed or vexed by an evil spirit without having faith, unless them hearing the Gospel preached causes them to believe and repent, deliverance will not be sign that follows.
Yes believers in Christ Jesus are being set free from all manner of evil oppression, but deliverance ministry is not in the a five-fold ministry, so it’s not a ministry, neither is a deliverance minister a minister in the five-fold, because deliverance is a consequential blessing of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, seeking His Kingdom and His righteousness.
In my international evangelism ministry, yes I see many people set free instantly by the Lord Jesus Christ and I believe it is the anointing and the Lord confirming His Word.

The point of this article is that nowadays the term deliverance ministry and deliverance minister is touted around as if it is a calling within the five-fold ministry, opposing God’s Word and order, it is over publicized and over emphasized, yet again to take away the attention from the Great Commission and the genuine tasks of the five-fold ministry of God, just like all other false movements!
Be very aware of false teachers and wolves in sheep’s clothing, fear God, first seek His Kingdom and His righteousness and all things shall be added unto you. (Mathew 6:33)

The second very wrong argument I constantly hear from the fast amount of people that want deliverance is that they cannot find a pastor to get their spirit out, unlike Biblically submitting to one Pastor and grow in the faith, they seek something outside of God’s divine order. I love Pastors and I work with Pastors in my outreaches as an evangelist all the time, the evangelist tries to reach many people to believe the Good News of Jesus Christ and then the wonderful Pastors take the new believers into their loving congregations their church families, to nurture them and help them grow in their faith.
Again I warn sternly against this dangerous and false movement about deliverance that attracts thousands of evil oppressed people and even bringing them in one place, this is not of the Lord this is yet another false deceiving movement from satan and his minions.
Submit to God and His order, keep to the foundations of the Lord and run from these false men and movements that place emphasis on deliverance, would not satan the chief of the evil spirits know exactly how to manipulate these evil spirits especially when all pied-piped into one place?

Deliverance Ministry a stern warning

Deliverance Ministry a stern warning – by Evangelist Vincent
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