Deliverance Ministry Miami – Exorcism Cleansing Demons & Evil Spirits

Pastor Vincent has helped thousands of people through his personal deliverance ministry. He has helped many people in Miami and throughout Florida overcome problems due to the presence of demons and evil spirits. Getting to the root cause though exorcism will cleanse demons and evil spirits so they no longer have any authority to oppress!

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There are a large variety of demonic problems. Many people suffer from the effects of juju, witchcraft, obanji/water spirits, spiritual husbands or spiritual wives, freemasonry, the occult, rejection, depression, physical illnesses, sexual abuse, satanic ritual abuse, verbal and emotional abuse, pain/trauma, SRA, DID/MPD, (Dissociate Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder) and more. All of these problems can be overcome!

Deliverance Ministry Miami

Deliverance Ministry Miami Florida

Pastor Vincent has conducted over 15,000 documented deliverance ministry exorcism sessions, including to many Pastors, Medical Doctors and he is considered worldwide a foremost expert. He has spend many years in East and West Africa, where he gained knowledge and experience in delivering people from deep witchcraft oppression and water spirits aka obanji. The Lord has powerfully anointed Pastor Vincent and uses him as the principal and internationally acclaimed expert on deliverance ministry, exorcism, inner healing, identity disorder restoration and spiritual warfare.

If you live in Miami or need deliverance ministry in Florida you can schedule a deliverance exorcism session via a Skype or phone call session! Details at the bottom of this page.

Take this very simple test to see if you need this deliverance ministry exorcism. Please answer these questions honestly. No one will ever see your answers. This test is only for your personal self-inspection.

  • Have you ever been sexually abused, raped, or molested?
  • Have you ever been otherwise abused, verbally, physically, emotionally?
  • Have you suffered or suspect SRA Satanic Ritual Abuse?
  • Are you oppressed or attacked by spirits?
  • Have you ever played with the Ouija board?
  • Have you ever dabbled in the occult or witchcraft?
  • Do you really struggle to pray or read the Holy Bible?
  • Do you suffer or have suffered severe rejection or abandonment?
  • Have you suffered severe trauma?
  • Do you feel trapped in your own life or get overwhelmed with fear or have nightmares?
  • Do you self-harm / cut or suffer anorexia/ bulimia/insomnia?
  • Do you suffer from multiple personality disorder, DID/ MPD?
  • Have you used drugs or excessive alcohol in the past or still do?
  • Have you ever attempted suicide or have ancestors murdered?
  • Do voices tell/force you to commit illegal acts, blaspheme, or indulge in immoral acts?
  • You cannot seem to overcome issues no matter how much you've prayed?
  • Have you or your ancestors been involved in Freemasonry or been deep into Hip Hop?
  • Do you consistently experience serious health or financial issues?
  • Do you sometimes exhibit uncontrollable outbursts of anger or violence?
  • Do you suffer spiritual sexual harassment or hindrance of normal intimacy in marriage?
  • Are you aware of ancestral curses, or ancestral occult/witchcraft involvement affecting you?

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions, then Pastor Vincent's Deliverance Ministry Miami can help with exorcism and inner healing.


Request a Personal 1 to 1 Deliverance Ministry Exorcism Session by scheduling a 30 or 60 minute call or Skype session on very short notice from the Miami area or anywhere in the world. It works powerfully via call and Skype with Pastor Vincent, because of the tremendous anointing the Lord placed on him:
If you live closer to New York, good news as Rev Vincent regularly ministers in New York City too.

If you need a deliverance ministry in Miami Florida, schedule an in-person meeting or video call (Skype, FaceTime, Zoom) session or phone call of 30 or 60 minutes on short notice RIGHT NOW by emailing us now via this link [email protected] .
We will email you back normally within 12 hours depending on which time zone we are in. After emailing us feel free to call us on 888 202 9516
Please understand that in order to cover the many costs of our registered non-profit ministry organisation we have a fixed set donation of $349 for an intensive 1 hour session of one-to-one deliverance and inner healing.
If you want a pre-ministry consultation phone call of 15 minutes with Pastor Vincent then you can book that via this link: For those that wish a 15 minute consultation

Deliverance Ministry Miami

Thousands of testimonies of deliverance and healing Int. Evangelist Vincent conducts outreach all over the world